Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Food And Love In France

France has a magical quality.

So many people go there on holiday and come back smitten.

The only people I know who don't are the ones who go there on business.  And even then it is not all business travellers who don't fall in love with France;  many still do.

But it tells you something about the difference of the frame of mind of the business traveller and the holiday-goer.
But I digress.

Why do people adore le Francais?

Paris, Eiffel Tower

Yep.  This might help.

And this...

That Chateau has a magical quality to it.  When we first saw it, literally we were stunned.  We weren't going to this town to see this chateau.  We rounded the corner into the middle of the town...

And there it was .  You cant help but think you're instantly in Disneyland Dordogne !

And you get to stay in places like this...
Gite in Dordogne
Large Gite in the North East of Dordogne

And there are plenty of other stunning places that France has to offer.

It is REEEEEALLY not about this kissy rubbish (comedy alert)

You could spend half a lifetime touring around the French countriside and town and still have more to see.

It is worth the visit.